This is Eva.

Currently located in New York City and work in the financial service industry, Eva is a Product Designer equipped with empathy, passion and solid design and research skills.

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Multimedia Interaction 


UX Designer & Researcher  2019. 9 - Present

BNY Mellon Pershing is a world-leading financial service corporation.

  • Worked in the design and research of Pershing’s B2B financial solution software NetX360®️ with over 10K daily users.

  • Design the NetXService®️ Integration website from experience to the visual style.

BNY Mellon | Pershing

Freelance UX Designer  2019. 7 - Present

Kells is an AI-driven Med-tech startup focusing on innovating dental solutions. 

  • Led the branding renovation. Redesign the visual identity system of the Brand across all platforms.

  • Conducted the UX research, designed the dental solution software.


UX Designer & Researcher  2019. 2 - 2019. 5

The Governance Lab at NYU is an organization aims to improve communities by changing how the government uses new technology.

  • Initiated the UX research and design for the Business First Stop Project. The project is conducted by the New Jersey Government aiming to design a digital platform for startups to communicate with the government. 

The Governance Lab

Experience Designer  2018. 5 - 2018. 9

Created immersive and digital experience for retail business. Clients included NIKE, LifeEase.

WILD Design

UX Designer & Researcher Intern  2016. 6 - 2016. 12

Designed user experience for the mobile travel APP  conducted by Guangzhou Tourism Administration.

Ummor Technology


Translator of the Chinese Version  2020 Summer

Written by Kat Holmes, recommended by

John Maeda, this book of design theory

talks about the impact of inclusion and exclusion mindset.

Mismatch: How Inclusion Shapes Design 

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Outside of Design,
I'm also passionate about life...

I'm a makeup and nail artist in my spare time. My eyes and mails are the best canvases to implement my whimsical visual ideas. 

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I'm also an adventurous cook trying different dishes and pastries in my small kitchen.

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