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of Rivers and Mountains

Personal Work.

Designer Tools: Photoshop

Developer Tools: P5.js/Node.js/Javascript


This is a Set Design proposal and Projection Mapping Design for a Broadway Musical -- Hedwig and an Angry Inch. 

Hedwig and the Angry Inch is a rock musical, the musical follows Hedwig Robinson, a genderqueer East German singer of a fictional rock and roll band. The story draws on Mitchell's life as the son of a U.S. Army Major General who once commanded the U.S. sector of occupied West Berlin



Blue-green landscape painting is one of the most brilliant traditional Chinese painting styles.

The Palace Museum in Beijing, China, have been exhibiting the most famous blue-green paintings includes the Panorama of Mountains and Rivers. This 1000-year old legendary painting is extraordinarily delicate and fragile, so it can only be exhibited once every ten years.

However, because it was seldom shown in public, people don't have an understanding of the painting, so people get confused when they saw the exhibits. 

So this project is a digital interactive program to get audience immersive and engaged. 

Design Process/

First, I studied the elements in traditional blue-green paintings.


First, I studied the elements in traditional blue-green paintings.


Layered the selected elements up.


Then you will get your own version of the blue-green landscape painting.

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