2345 VR 

Tools: Unreal Engine 4/Depth Kit/Kinect/

HTC Vives.

Team: Ella Chung, Huiyi Chen


2345 is an immersive VR room escape game set in a wasted spaceship. 

The player wakes up from a spaceship, and not able to remember what had happened before. In the spaceship, he was trying to find clues and objects to retrieve his memories. 


1. Human Archive


Tell the story about human history since AD 2250. 


Time: AD 2345


AD 2250 Earth is not livable anymore. 70% of human beings escape to 3 huge space bases and start their drift.

AD 2250-2320 People (Mostly scientists)  on the earth stay in touch with the 3 space bases.

AD 2320 People in the space lose signal from Earth. This planet is considered to be totally destroyed.

AD 2320-2345 2 space bases are crushed and destroyed by meteors.

AD 2345 The only left space base is crushed by a meteor.


Scenario: player wake up in an escape capsule (first person)



  • hints of personal life/ personal effects

  • the remains of the last space base can be seen through the window.



  • Curator of the Human Archives-depth kit video

  • Safety alert video/audio clip of the capsule-autoplay

  • Mom- materials that she left

2. Personal Life


Career: A student of the No.3 Space University, ready to be a spaceship pilot.

Hobby: 1970’s earth culture(music etc.).

Age: 25





  • Arrived at the No.3 space ship in 2319.

  • A professor of earth history

  • Mom helped the player to escape

  • Mom asked the player to protect all the archives.

  • Mom’s memory of the family

Concept Posters


Visual Design/

Concept Poster


Mood Board

Environment Design


DepthKit is the first volumetric filmmaking tool designed to empower creators of all experience levels to participate in the cutting edge of immersive storytelling. 

To achieve the Hologram video effect in the virtual world, I used DepthKit and Kinect to record volumetric videos and put the clips into Unreal Engine.

DepthKit Video Recording

DepthKit Video-Unreal Environment Testing:

Demo Video/

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