BNY Mellon | Pershing is a world-leading financial service corporation which provides global financial solutions to advisors, asset managers, broker-dealers, family offices, fund managers, registered investment advisor firms and wealth managers.


NetX360®️ is Pershing's all-in-one digital financial platform, check my projects for NetX360®️👇

Due to policy, the projects can not be shown publicly. I'll walk you through the basic idea of the projects. If you would like to know more, don't hesitate to contact me.

Forms Service Renovation

Product Design

UX Research

As each service needs a lot of forms to authorize in the financial world, this project aims at improving the "form experience" to a new era.

Developer Portal Website Design

As the company is offering digital products like APIs, this public website is designed for showcasing digital products and allowing all the companies to cooperate and integrate.

Web Design

Usage Analytic

Data Visualization

Product Design

A dashboard for internal administrators to monitor the usage of each function of the system.

Customer Service
Online Chat System

Product Design

Providing a smooth, enhanced experience for the system users to connect and get help from the help center.

Models Rebalancer

Product Design

This project interprets complex business logic to a clear digital flow for the advisors to reorganize and manipulate the financial models for their clients

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