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Forms Center is a project that belongs to NetX360®, Pershing's digital professional finance application for broker-dealers, wealth managers and advisors, aims at helping the advisor assistances to improve the "form experience" to a new era.

2019. Oct - Present

Type UX Design, Product Design

Responsibility User Research, Wireframing, Content Strategy, Prototyping, UX Design, Visual Design, User Testing


According to​ Stakeholders, the forms process nowadays is dated and relies too much on paper forms, which causes difficulties to organize and update the forms. 

Design a digital platform for the users to organize forms and customer information, improve efficiency and convenience.

Problem Shooting

After stakeholders raised the requirements, we went through the current flow of the form experience and came up with three main assumptions of the pain points with the current flow.

Avatar 16.png

The searching, filling, sending process is totally manually which hurts efficiency a lot.

Difficult to update forms, often send out wrong forms which cause inconvenience for the clients.


Advisor Assistances

Forms are stored locally in assistants' drive which causes difficulty to manage and find forms.

Design Process
User Interview

To testify the assumptions, we interviewed 6 main clients of our software. And also showed them improved mockups based on the assumptions to collect feedback.


  • Users want a one-stop-shop to search, pack, send, manage all the forms.


  • Users consider efficiency is the most wanted aspect to be improved in the current flow.


  • Users want to get some of the basic account information to be prefilled, which would save time and avoid mistakes.

Quick Prototype

After the quick iteration, we came up with a flow that organized all the expected features together.

User flow

Finally delivered the design with the look and feel based on the new design system for different versions of NetX360.

whole page2.png
whole page.png
Key Feature & Flow
Shopping cart experience

As our goal is to organize and process multiple forms altogether, we learn from the online shopping experience and come up with the shopping cart as the solution.

cart-switch accounts.png

The user can adapt the forms to multiple capable accounts under the same client.


After adding forms to the shopping cart, the user would have several ways to process.

After confirming with the cart, the user can continue to process the forms.


Before sending out for signature, the user would need to fill out the forms. The basic information of the account would be automatically prefilled.


Fill in the information in this integrated DocuSign portal, the forms would be sent out as a packet and come back as a packet.


After the forms are signed, the user would get a notification and would be able to check and manage the form in the Documents Center.

Final Deliverable
This visual style of the deliverable is a middle ground of the old look-and-feel and the new design system. The form center is implemented in the new style within the frame of the current product.
Form Case 0 - 1.png
Form Case 0 - 2.png

Infomation filling is necessary yet tedious work in every area. 

The design strategy of this kind of function should follow these rules:

  • Short flow

  • All-in-one

  • Clear instruction

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