The Original Hedwig Visual Design/

Keywords: Flashy, Colorful, Energetic 

Wong Ping's Art Work/

Wong Ping, a Hong Kong-based animation artist, is known for his flashing, pop-like imagery; visual and auditory narrations that explicitly touch upon sex, politics and social relations.

As Hedwig and an Angry Inch is staged on a 'Wasted set of an unsuccessful Broadway show', our set design should be based on an existing setting environment. 

We choose the Scene of ruined Vegas from Blade Runner 2049 to be our fictional environment for the large separate body parts can be an exact metaphor for Hedwig's loss.

The Ruin of Vegas Scene, Blade Runner 2049

I built the 1:1 model of the Belasco Theater in SketchUp. And designed the set based on the idea of the big, separated body parts.

And built two versions of the 1:25 white model box to test the projection mapping.

In the first version of the model box, the body parts and broken mirrors are more separated to represent the mental tear-apart situation of Hedwig.

In the second version, the body part sculpture was made bigger and more organized to achieve a better stage and projection mapping effect.

We did several rendering tests on the model, to finalize and settle a solid art style.

The projection mapping and the interaction with music and beats were created in Isadora.

The computer testing

White model testing

Full live performance video.

Let's hang!

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