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"We pull the string that pulls us."


Motion Capture/ Live Performance


Developer tools: Motive/ Unreal Engine 4/ C4D/ Arduino/ MAX MSP/ OSC/ Adobe Premiere


Designer tools: Adobe Creative Suite/Sketch


IMPOSE is an interactive, immersive motion-capture driven live-performance that explores different social norms, their beginnings and how they continue to be enforced by society on an individual. Full-body motion capture captures a dancers movements and streams it into the Unreal Game Engine. An Arduino is used for the interactive aspects of the project.
IMPOSE was performed at the RLab during the annual New York City Virtual Reality-Immersive Capture Meetup event at Brooklyn Navy Yards in New York. It was also performed at the Bodies in Motion showcase in the NYU MAGNET center in Brooklyn, New York.

Design Process/



Develop Process/

Develop Process/

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