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“You rely on your spec in every step, from designing to constructing, from installing to facility management.
You would like to
have better control of it from the beginning to the end.”

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What is Product Library

01 Intro

A centralized product library is the most effective way for a design firm to control their products.
The general workflow is that the Librarians curate product specs in the product library. Then designer picks items from the product library, to curate the real design projects.


02 Problem Identifying

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With the fundamental understanding of the business model, we identify the two types of users and create their personas based on user interviews.

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1. Curate product library in different brand standards

2. Maintain/update product library

3. Communicate with designers to inform changes


1. Difficult to tell designers specs are ready or not

2. Difficult to communicate with designers on spec updates

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1. Pick items from brand standards

2. Curate projects

3. Update projects base on brand standard changes

4. Suggest items to put in brand standard



1. Difficult to find the “correct” items in the current workflow

2. 2. Difficult to communicate with Library managers on spec updates

3. Have to manually make changes to each item in projects

User Interview

02 Problem Identifying

With the understanding of the pain points, we also raised the standalone library ideas to collect user's wishes and concerns.

Designers said:

I wish:

Fohlio can help to turn the current workaround product database into this new one cuz to do it all over again is a huge thing.

I concern:

Librarian can update my project without noticing me.

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Librarians said:

I wish:

The new feature is not totally foreign so it's easier to learn.

I concern:

Designers can change library items without noticing me.

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Current User Flow

02 Problem Identifying

We mapped the current user flow and journey map to target where frustrates the users, and where are the opportunities.

User Journey Map

02 Problem Identifying

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Proposed User Flow

03 Solutions

With the understanding of the opportunities, we proposed this workflow to optimize the experience.

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Final delivery

03 Solutions

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Summary & Impact

04 Conclusion

A centralized product library that is easy and useful.


Users love it!
They’ve been asking the release date after the live testing.

Win more clients for Fohlio, even still in beta version.


Thank you for reading!

This is a brief introduction to the project.

Wanna know more details?

Don't hesitate to contact me!

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